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What Sponsorship Opportunities Are Available?

  1.   25 foot and up Ocean Boat.... $??,???.00 

  2.   Emergency Equipment (EPIRB) Etc... $2,500.00

  3.   Lodging... $9,900.00

  4.   Boat Fuel... $5,000.00

  5.   Chase Vehicle(s) Fuel... $3,000.00

  6.   Boat Dockage Fee’s... $1,500.00

  7.   Fishing Rods/Reels Combo... $4,000.00

  8.   Food/Snacks... $5,000.00

  9.  Tackle... $3,000.00

  10.  Bait... $2,000.00

  11.  Incidentals... $4,100.00

Approximate Total for whole trip.... $40,000.00


The FLORIDA ADVENTURE is a 1350-mile, coastline boat trip around the State of Florida to promote PTSD and

Suicide Awareness by taking 44 plus Veteran’s and or Public Safety Personnel fishing around the whole state of Florida.

Planned are 22 stops over a 26-day trip around Florida. From the first mile to the final one there will

be always two or more Veterans and/or Public Safety Personnel on the boat with us. At each stop in the afternoon,

they get off and the next morning two or more get on the boat for the next leg of the trip. We continue the exchange of people until we pull into the final port in Pensacola 26 days later.

The purpose of this trip is to bring PTSD and SUICIDE AWARNESS to the forefront. 

We want to educate the public to understand that every day an Average 22 Veterans take their own lives through suicide. Then you add an average of 5 suicides a day by Public Safety Personnel totaling 27 SUICIDES or more per day by people who have SERVED THEIR COUNTRY or SERVED Their COMMUNITY. They take their lives because they cannot or do not know how to deal with the images in their minds because of what their eyes have seen. That is where OUTDOOR RECREATIONAL THERAPY has proven repeatedly how much it helps dealing with PTSD issues. Then, when you are around others who have been in your shoes (like minded) it makes it easier to open up about what is going on in your head because they have been there themselves.  It does not matter if its fishing, hiking, or something else, it gets you out of the house and out of your own mind, even if it's only for 30 minutes at a time. It Helps clear the head a little bit.

X-22 Adventures is looking for Sponsor's to help fund and support this trip around Florida. We need fuel, lodging, boat docking, food, and fishing equipment. These are just some of the items we need to secure

before We move forward with the next phase.

The cost of this trip isn't going to be cheap, but you can also look at it this way; What is the price of a life who has served this Great Country or their community? For me, just one life saved from going down that dark road and ending their life is worth way more than the amount of money that it's going to take for this trip, it doesn’t even come close to the price of saving a human life.


I am looking for a Sponsor(s) for each of these items.

If you sponsor one of these Items in full you will have a larger spot on the boat to show

your support and sponsorship of this trip.

There will be a board at each port showing your sponsorship of this trip as well.

The costs for the items shown below are an approximate estimate at this time:


If you would like more information about X-22 Adventures, please check us out on the web at

or find us on Facebook.

There you can find out more about me and what X-22 Adventures is all about.


Thank You,

Stephen S. Cone – Founder/President

863-801-7729 /




By X-22 Adventures



X-22 Adventures is embarking on a planned boat trip around the entire Florida Coast to promote PTSD and SUICIDE Awareness.

The trip will begin in Jacksonville and end in Pensacola.

There are 22 stops planned along that include the embarking in Jacksonville.  Along for the journey will be 44 or more Veterans and Public Safety Personnel with us throughout this trip around Florida. Two people will be on board starting in Jacksonville. At every stop, two will get off and the next morning two more will board the boat for the next leg of THE 2022 ADVENTURE around Florida.


BACKGROUND: My name Stephen Cone and I’m the Fonder of X-22 Adventures and we promote a healthier way of living and dealing with PTSD.  This is done through social interactions in the outdoors. My story is simple in many ways but, in others it’s my horror story turned into a blessing.

I proudly served in the US Air Force from 1988 through 1992. While serving, I injured my right knee and had to have an operation on it. I thought all was well when I was released back to work and then later discharged from the Air Force. I returned to Okeechobee Florida, started a family and a career as a Firefighter/EMT. The Family came first and then the career.

I thought I had my life planned out way after retirement, but God had other plans and

a whole lot more roads for me to travel to get to where I am at today.

January 15th, 1999, while working at Martin County Fire Station 24 in Indiantown I had a slip that was career ending in the snap of a finger. Long story short, I ended up with 12 operations on my right knee with nothing working for any length of time.  Two of those operations were total Knee replacements that failed. During all that time I was also on multiple prescribed pain medications for over 15 years. Addiction doesn’t need to be said because we know what being on opioids for 15 plus years will do to you.

By now you are starting to paint a picture of what has happened to me in a short amount of time. Through all this, I am dealing with a knee that doesn’t work and is causing so much pain that I attempted suicide by putting a pistol to my head on 12/26/2016 AND pulled the trigger.


After it miss fired, I checked the round, and it had a deep indentation in the firing cap.  It should have gone off. I put it back in the pistol, aligned it to be fired and when I pointed it at the ground and pulled the trigger this time it went off.

God kept me here for a reason but, I had no clue why and I still had a few more lessons to learn before I would know why I was kept here.

By the end of 2017 I was homeless, living in Lansing Michigan for a bit before I was approved for shelter housing at the VA shelter January 2018.

While at the shelter I was able to clear my head and get back on my feet. Through all this I am still dealing with knee pain that was debilitating to the point I requested my leg be amputated above the knee to get rid of the pain.  On 02/10/2020 the amputation was successful and TWO short weeks later I am 100% pain free for the first time in 21 years. Because I wasn’t so focused on the pain, I was able to have a clear head as well.

It was a few months later I discovered why God kept me here.  

On 07/03/2020, I knew the answer as to why I am alive and with a little push from Nicholas Rahn,

the Founder of Warrior’s Next Adventure Non-Profit in Minnesota, X-22 Adventures Inc. was formed.

God revealed to me that fishing and talking to others helped me so many times when I was depressed, dealing with PTSD and suicidal thoughts,

why couldn’t I do the same for others through fishing and comradery.  That’s exactly what we do.

We take not only Veteran’s fishing but, Public Safety Personnel as well. Just to say thanks for what you have done for your country or your community. That’s truly it. Nothing special just going fishing but, there IS SO MUCH MORE to it.

YES, there is a lot more to this story and if you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me at or 863-801-7729


To put this on paper that just 4 short years ago I was homeless and now I’m running a

non-profit Helping others is a little over whelming at times, but I KNOW in my heart this is exactly why I was kept here.

I have served my country; I have served my community and now I’m going to help serve those who have served.

My name is Stephen Cone, this is my Story and I’M JUST GETTING STARTED.     




      Port Cities or close thereby:


  •           JACKSONVILLE    ( Start )

  •           Palm Coast

  •           Oak Hill

  •           Melbourne

  •           PORT SALERNO

  •           Boca Raton

  •           Homestead AFB

  •           ISLAMORADA

  •           Everglades City

  •           Cape Coral

  •           Sarasota

  •             Clearwater

  •             CRYSTAL RIVER

  •             Suwannee

  •             Keaton Beach

  •             Crawfordville

  •             Apalachicola

  •             TYNDALL AFB

  •             Hollywood Beach

  •             Miramar Beach

  •             Navarre Beach

  •             PENSACOLA ( Finish )

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