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It could be a trip on Lake Okeechobee or a trip out in the Atlantic, Air Boats at night Frogging, possibly a gator hunt or a big swordfish

in the keys. Some of these trips might take a little time to set up

but we will have these kinds of trips in the Future. Until then there is

always a body of water that can be fished somewhere. 

All this will be done at no cost to that individual or individuals.

That way he or she can just enjoy themselves and not worry about a

thing other than to have fun. Then add someone who knows

what it's like to deal with Pain, PTSD and or Depression.

It does makes things a little easier to open up about what's going on

in their head and heart. You take it from personal experience, once that door opens up, even just a little bit. It's not long before the flood

gates open up and that weight disappears more every time you talk

about things. It's an amazing feeling when you can talk to someone who has been down that road as well.

PEER to PEER counseling while doing something fun is

the best therapy in the world.

I'm LIVING PROOF and have several friends

that will say the same thing.

There is something about being outdoors doing something

productive with others who have been in their shoes and that allows

you to open up and tell those deep dark secrets without being judged. Then the more you talk about those things while doing

something productive and fun, you start to replace

those bad memories into GREAT ones.

The more that happens the father you get away from

that preverbal rabbit holes.

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